LION Group
– your logistics expert in Brandenburg

LION – your logistics expert in Brandenburg

Globalization has reached every corner of the world and connects people, ideas and also logistics.

Twenty years ago, only large economic centres formed the network of worldwide flows of goods, today even remote provinces, such as for example Lusatia, are firmly involved in the global exchange of goods. Logistics has made all this possible and is dominated by global player, whose names are familiar all over the world.

However, this has changed! The LION Group was at first a small forwarding company in Brandenburg and the former Hidden Champion of Eastern European logistics and developed to a now firmly established company in important parts of economy.

What does LION stand for?

Over the years, we have developed supply chain models and gathered a lot of experience, so you can profit from our individually designed logistics solutions. Our practicality and innovativeness guarantee our competitiveness experience, create individually designed logistics solutions. Our know-how and the latest technology enable us to give you the service, most needed in logistics.

Furthermore, the corporate culture of the LION Group is of utmost significance for us. We see ourselves as a classic German medium-sized company, which celebrates the culture of partnership, loyalty and passion.

Development of a small firm to a company fit for the global market

In the spring of 2003, Sven Noatzke founded the sole proprietorship “LION Spezialtransport” with only one truck for over-sized transport. The development towards a group of companies with a global commitment did not unleash the company’s roots with Brandenburg as business location. Rather, it brought Europe and overseas closer to Brandenburg, as well as Brandenburg closer to the international markets.


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