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Road transport by LION

We at the LION Group have many years of experience in road transport, as this was the core business of our company.

  • years of experience
  • Own freight terminals
  • Direct train connection

Especially in the heavy and oversized transport industry with our own fleet, we established ourselves as a forwarding company based in Brandenburg.

Truck transports

Even today, truck traffic is an integral part of the global flow of goods. The requests remain and there is a high demand to be served. With our own fleet of container chassis and semi-trailers for the transport of agricultural, construction and mining machinery, we manage to handle a large contingent and ensure fast and safe transport for our customers. Especially the handling of large goods needs suitable machines and experience , which we have gathered over the years.

System-logistics for trucking

Today, one of our core business is also system logistics, i.e. global Door-to-Door transport. It is important to us, to offer our customers the best service, optimal cost efficiency, adherence to deadlines, and flexibility. Thanks to our technology and know-how, our logistics firm from Brandenburg is not dependent on third-party services and can act independently and always offer the best quality and expertise.


Mr. Sven Noatzke
Managing Director

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